Welcome to Womans’ Health! I am Anusha, a full-time techie and part-time health and wellness enthusiast.

I am a Certified Nutrition Advisor and Coach and like many other women, I have been a victim to the gimmicks and the fake sells of the health and fitness industry.

I started on my health, fitness and mindfulness journey only in my late twenties and this learning has literally changed my life, be it mental health or physical fitness.

When I was exposed to the real world of fitness and holistic living, I was shocked by all the myths that are prevalent around this trillion-dollar industry that fool women like you and me to follow them blindly.

Ever since my sole purpose and passion has been to try and break the reality to Indian women of all age groups and make them lead a healthy lifestyle in the long run. 

I strongly believe that a home with one health-conscious and fir woman can impact the whole family or even all the people around her for that matter.

Many women do not go through with their health and fitness journey either because they fall trap to the crazy and unsustainable diets that are preached by the health industry or because they might find that living a healthy lifestyle involves stuffing your kitchen with fancy ingredients which are not at all cost-effective and sustainable for an Indian household.

I know, I have been there! So Woman’s Health is a place where you will find nutrition tips and recipes using simple and affordable ingredients available easily in the Indian market.

You will also find quick no-equipment workouts and yoga routines that can be easily done from home and accommodated in your busy lives.

Congratulations on your journey towards a healthy and fit lifestyle!